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You find everything from the development and the design to the production and sale under the same roof in our company. Each microphone is manufactured exclusively in manual work by our experts. This offers advantages compared with any serial production.

Our range of products contains both measuring and studio microphones that we offer our customers with traditional large and small membranes and as a speciality with nickel membranes as well. For the production of microphone capsules both cast and rolled membranes are used. As the company founded by Georg Neumann we are the only one that produces the legendary original M7 capsules worldwide.

Offering microphones of highest quality we do not only apply to the technical data but in addition to the applicability of the microphones for the customers in practice. In order to guarantee this we also offer extensive accessories as well as customer- or application-specific special constructions and give competent technical support by our engineers.

While doing so we take into consideration – besides the microphone – the whole application environment, that is the acoustic, mechanical and other relevant parameters.

Service means for us more than only repairing. It has to guarantee the customer a high degree of investment security. Free of charge we offer information and expert consultation .

We repair/restore each microphone of our company. The same applies to older microphone types, too by using original parts. By request we adapt your microphones to 48V phantom power and XLR plug.

Georg Neumann & Co., Elektrotechnisches Laboratorium Gefell i.V., RFT Mikrofontechnik Gefell and last but not least Microtech Gefell GmbH – these varied names for the same company testify to the political revolution, which our company had to survive during its more than 80-years of history. However, our claim to deliver the best possible microphones has not changed, completely in the tradition of our founder Georg Neumann.




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Microtech Gefell GmbH is located in the small towm of Gefell in Thuringia, the green heart of Germany. The town is situated in Saale-Orla-district, right next to the triangle the borders of Thuringia, Saxony and Bavaria. Since the foundation of a unified local community in 1997 3030 inhabitants have been living in the town of Gefell.